New Year Reflections

New Year Reflections

Posted by Complete Day Journals on 3rd Jan 2021


This year has definitely turned out differently what anyone expected right?

At the beginning of every new year, I work on my Vision Board that is in my planner. I refer to it monthly and make adjustments as necessary. In 2020, I challenged myself to start and complete many things on my Vision Board one of them being birthing Complete Day Journals. Thank you all so much for the love, feedback, and of course sales!

This has been a trying time for everyone and I appreciate each and every one of you showing your support through likes, shares, shout outs, joining the group, liking the FB page, following us in Instagram, etc.

If you are not familiar with a Vision Board, it is a visual representation of your goals. You can write, draw, add pictures etc. to express what it is that you like to accomplish during the year. My favorite mediums to use are magazine cut outs and clipart.

If you have not already, I encourage you to make one for this year. In addition to adding things that you would like accomplish, add how you would like to feel to it as well. You want to make sure that whatever you will list will bring whatever feeling you are wanting to have at the end. For example, when I started my garden some time ago, I wanted it to give me a feeling of taking control of my health. I used that feeling to guide the decisions that I made to bring my garden into fruition.

Some people prefer to make an actual board made out of something like poster board. I am an introvert so I prefer to do mine in the Vision Board section of my planner. Choose whatever method will make you feel the most comfortable. You can share with someone you trust for accountability or keep it to yourself. You can make one alone or with friends (Zoom is great option). It really is what you make it but is most effective when reviewed often and action steps are made each month.

Lastly, check the group, page, or website in the next couple of days to see what was permanently added to our product lines. We will also carry stickers and decorative tear away pads! 

Wishing you the brightest and best 2021!